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This year’s conference will focus on security from two points of view: firstly, it will deal with a Secure supply chain, adding consequently the dimension of data security, as a prerequisite for an Innovative and Resilient Ecosystem. The conference follows the previous iterations of Prague 5G Security Conference, which were focused on the security of 5G and the next-generation networks, and in the 2021 iteration, also the security of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies. The Prague Cyber Security Conference aims to move the discussion towards the topic of securing supply chains of technologies and infrastructure societies and economies are relying on. Concurrently, the conference will also focus on the topic of secure digital ecosystems, as well as cross-border data flows.


The aim of the conference is to look ahead and discuss regulatory, strategic and policy implications of supply chains and their impact on security of critical technologies and infrastructure in the context of national security. Furthermore, secure and innovative digital ecosystem for artificial intelligence as well as European data sharing regulatory framework will be discussed. The intent of the conference is to foster security-oriented discussion about supply chains and data security as a fundamental prerequisite for far reaching societal, economic and national security developments in the future. At the same time, the objective is to continue sharing of lessons learned in implementing risk assessments and frameworks related to supply chain and data security that have been developed over the past years at the national and regional levels.


In this context, we invite you to visit the Prague 5G Repository, a virtual library dedicated to the exchange of concrete existing tools, measures and instruments that States have developed to tackle the challenges connected with 5G and the next-generation networks challenges. You can find there, among others, also the Prague Proposals, outcomes of the previous iterations of the Prague 5G Security Conference.  The Repository is only available to the community of the Prague 5G Security Conference.


We will present the program soon.