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Welcome to
the Prague Cyber Security

19-20 March 2024

Join the conversation about cutting-edge technologies and new frontiers in Cyber and Information Security.

We are back,
with an in-person
only event,
hosted in Prague!

This year’s event holds a special significance as we commemorate the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Prague Proposals on 5G Security in 2019.
These proposals represented a significant milestone in the global pursuit of secure and trusted suppliers for next-generation networks.
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our history

The PCSC, founded in 2019 and formerly referred to as the Prague 5G Security Conference, has been a significant hub for discussions on cybersecurity. 


The aim of the first PCSC was to raise awareness about the importance of 5G security and to detect both technical and non-technical threats of 5G infrastructure in the context of national security.


The second PCSC was dedicated to discuss the specific tools that States have adopted to respond to the existing challenges and secure the 5G infrastructure.


The focus of third conference was to identify the implications of 5G security for the deployment of emerging and disruptive technologies and their impact on national security. Key findings will be summarized in the outcome of the conference.


The last PCSC was held under the Presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of the EU and focuses on supply chain security of 5G and next-generation networks, emerging and disruptive technologies and other strategic infrastructure.


We will delve into a multi-stakeholder approach to cybersecurity and emerging and disruptive technologies in the context of national and international security.
Uniting Forces for Digital Protection
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A set of recommendations on both technical and non-technical risks that States should consider when planning, building, launching and operating their infrastructure.
The Prague 5G Repository is a virtual library dedicated to the exchange of existing approaches, tools, instruments and frameworks in the field of 5G security.
In the case you wish to access the Prague 5G Repository, please contact us at pragueconference@nukib.cz

The access to the Prague 5G Repository is limited to participating States and organizations.

For any inquiries please email us


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